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Grander Revitalising Pendant WA01


4 (Four) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Blue Water

£79.20   £60.00

Customer Reviews
Large capacity filter jug
07 May 2024  |  Alistair

This jug has a large capacity. The lid seals well and you can pour filtered water whilst there is still water in the upper reservoir waiting to be filtered (as long as the filling port is closed) whereas this is not possible on many other jugs from other sources. It is also compatible with cartridges from other makers.

Energy board
07 May 2024  |  Tarn

Wonderful to have this board under my water filter. I'm very happy with it although a tad expensive.

Drinks taste better.
13 February 2024  |  Pam

Iíve used my key chain on several different drinks. My drinking water already tastes great as I distill it, add minerals and then structure it but I still noticed an improvement after using the key chain. Wine is definitely better and has a smoother finish. I donít leave the house without it.

22 August 2023  |  Sue

Was a but skeptical but water definitely tastes lighter. Really pleased thanks Grander

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