Why does Grander Water Revitalisation need Filtration

Grander water revitalisation is not a filtration technology.  GRANDER® Water Revitalization Units work solely with natural energy, not requiring any electricity or other additives. The units are maintenance and service-free.  The devices work best when the water is as clean as possible.  Grander units and accessories are able to increase waters coherence by changing the structure and morphology of water via low frequency magnetic fields. 

Depending on where you live in the UK the water arrives in our taps with varying levels of contaminants that are preferably removed.  There is a legal obligation for utilities companies to add biocides known as chlorine or 
chloramine in all municipal water supplies. We know from publicly available information that these chemicals cause oxidative stress,  see a book called "Coronaries Cholesterol Chlorine" by Dr. Joseph M Price.  We also know there are all sorts of micro contaminants derived from pharmaceuticals and nano-plastics that are difficult to remove.  Water authorities also use resins to stop leaking pipes from the inside out. 

Whole house filtration or jug filters to start with are therefore a necessity.  For many of us the taste of tap water is unnatural, unappealing and nothing like spring water which drives us towards buying bottled which we know is unsustainable. Our whole house filter systems for the above reasons incorporate the use of specialist filters, which at the same time do not significantly reduce water pressure.

If you do not have any filtration in your home then start with the Biocera Filter Jug and a Grander small board or mini penergiser to filter and revitalise all your drinking and cooking water.