Grander Portable Water Revitaliser (Shower Unit)

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Perfect unit for the shower, for the garden hose or for use with a single tap or connected after a reverse osmosis water filter. Easy to install so ideal for anyone living in a flat or rented accommodation.

No electricity. No additives. No chemicals and NO MAINTENANCE


The portable water revitaliser is a simple and convenient way to energise your shower water, garden water or drinking water. Simply unscrew the shower hose, screw on the unit and reattach the shower hose to enjoy a soothing feeling of freshly energised water on your skin.

It is a universal fitting so can be installed on the outside tap to your garden hose, washing machine and dish washer.

Since the unit is so easy to attach and remove, you will also find it is very handy when travelling on business or when going on holiday. We also offer an optional protective leather travel pouch.

Benefits of installing a portable water revitaliser:

  • Soft silky water for your shower
  • Hydrates the skin efficiently resulting in less need for body lotion
  • Pleasanter bathing experience for anyone suffering from skin complaints such as dry skin, eczema
  • Ideal if you are in rented accommodation as there is no plumbing required
    Code Height Width Depth Weight
    WFL38 120mm 60mm 40mm 1 kg
3 month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the unit.
5 year guarantee on device and its function.
  • Water revitalization for the road.
  • Pocket-size: small & flexible
  • Quick and easy to install:
on taps
in the shower
before washing machines
before dishwashers
with garden terminals
in your RV
traveling and so on.

  • Material used: Nickel-plated brass, chrome steel jacket
Weight 1kg
Height 6cm
Width 12cm
Depth 4cm
Port sizes 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch
Maximum water pressure 7 bar
Operating Temperature 1 - 60 degrees celcius


The GRANDER® Flexible Unit revitalises water and restructures all the water flowing through it. Designed to be used as a permanent installation or able to take with you on the go. The treated water will take care of you and any appliance using water. The GRANDER® Flexible Unit is portable, easily and quickly fitted onto taps, showers, dish-washers, washing machines, garden hoses or caravans.



The GRANDER® Flexible Unit is filled with the GRANDER® Information Water developed by Johann Grander, has a revitalising effect on all beverages. Simply install or attach the GRANDER® Flexible Unit to a tap to revitalise your water.

According to Professor Pollack at Washington University, restructuring water makes it less chaotic, aligning molecules and making oxygen more available. Thus the more available oxygen in water, the more aerobic bacteria, "typically good bacteria," which reduces pollution more effectively.

Water has valuable biological properties wherever it can be found in its original form and can follow its natural course.  Water is a bubbling source of vitality and vital force.  Yet it loses its energy and power when forced through tubes and pumped into pipes over long distances and treated with chemicals reduced the quality of water.  

The GRANDER® Water Revitalization returns it to its original structure - with all the various positive effects on humans and on all living things, fruit, vegetables and salads may stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Grander Water Technology

  • adds to the pleasure of drinking through its subtle taste

  • is smooth and easy to drink

  • keeps for a long time

  • promotes a sense of well-being while bathing and showering

  • encourages the strong growth of plants and beautiful flowers

  • is preferred by many animals

  • gives food an exquisite, fresh taste

  • keeps food fresh longer

  • ensures the reduced use of detergents and cleaning agents

  • is revitalised when returned to nature



GRANDER® water revitalisation is a process of information transfer through frequency.

Every GRANDER® water revitalisation device consists of chamber(s) filled with “information water”, which has a stable, high order molecular structure as seen in natural, living water.

When water flows through the device (or flows near the effective area of the cylinder device), the positive characteristics of the “information water” are transferred to the inflow water without coming into contact with the “information water”, restoring the molecular structure to its most natural order.


GRANDER® Units work with natural energy, without electricity or additives and are service-free as well as maintenance-free. Grander repairs the structure of water at the molecular level to create live, structured, revitalised water.


The GRANDER® Flexible System revitalises water easily and quickly. The GRANDER® Flexible Unit is suitable for taps, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, garden hoses and caravans.

  • Portable water treatment for on the go in the home, caravan or on holidays.

  • Revitalises & restructures water to be the best it can be in minutes

  • Softer water in the shower and bath with a better soap lather

  • Cleaner, softer clothes using less detergents

  • Your cooking quality will jump up to a new level - Great for rice, pasta and meats

  • Your lawns & gardens will grow better and require less water

  • Aids in providing stable environment for good bacteria to thrive for the best gut health

  • Assists with Hydration  - your drinking water will taste better

  • Improves water, liquids and foods.

  • Improves taste and quality of food eg tender meat



Indefinitely if care instructions are followed.



  • 3 months money-back guarantee.

  • 5 years for material and manufacture.



  • No electricity
  • No chemicals
  • No running costs
  • NO Plumber Required
  • Relocatable
  • For home use and on-the-move
  • Quick and easy to mount on external taps, in gardens, exhibitions, caravans and hose pipes


Water Pressure:

7 Bar

Working Temp:


Port sizes:

1/2″ and 3/4″


1.5 Kg


H 120mm W 60mm D 40mm


Nickel-plated brass, chrome-plated steel casing V4 Stainless Steel

Grander Flexible Units are manufactured using nickel plated brass cased in chrome steel.


change-over connectors for 3/8″


GRANDER® Inline Units can be installed in every possible position. Just install the unit where required ensuring the flow rate of the passing water is within the unit size limit.


The Grander unit will revitalise & restructure all the water flowing through it for you. This product will take care of itself on the inside by the treated water.



  • Maintainance Free

  • Wipe over the outside of this unit annually with a light smear of quality vaseline, then use a cloth to buff it lightly to ensure the light coating will keep the air off the outside, this product will take care of itself on the inside by the treated water.



  • Keep away from high voltage power wires & MICROWAVE OVENS



  • Water has memory and stores information

  • Every water droplet remembers everything it comes in contact within its existence

  • Water stores both negative and positive energies

  • If we poison our water, we are poisoning ourselves

  • Water can lose its vitality - But we can put it back

  • Water is your lifeblood

  • If you change the water that you Consume - You are changing your whole body




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