One Litre Bottle of Grander Sulphate Water

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The "original Grander® Yellow Water" is a pure, high quality and microbacteriologically perfect skin care water - this has been further revitalized by Grander® Technology.

Grander Blue Water is great for your health or as an addition to any topical skin health programme. (THIS WATER SHOULD NOT BE DRUNK)

What makes Grander® water unique is it's long shelf-life and revitalizing power. All this without the need for additives or any of the conventional methods used for stabilising bottled water.

The water is fully natural and has been left in it's natural state.
  • Pure bacteriologically clean skincare water
  • Energetically pure and highly structred water
  • Water is self purifying and remains fresh for years
  • Fully revitalised without addition of chemicals
  • Natural energising toner used neat on face pad
  • Provided in high quality non reactive 1 litre plastic bottles
  • Matchless and peerless original Grander skincare water
1 litre plastic bottlesOriginal source water from Heilig Geist Erbstollen in JochbergLies 520m deep in heart of Kitzbuehler AlpsTypical shelf life - 4 years

Sourced from an underground spring in the Austrian Tyrol Grander Skin Care Water is for external use only. To be applied directly onto the skin or used as a bath additive. Applying this water at least three times a day will rapidly hydrate your skin, helping ease the dryness caused by harsh tap water and soaps.

Perfect to use during the hot summer months or when going away on holiday.

Many of our customers have reported mild skin conditions improving by using Grander Skin Care Water. Eczema and psoriasis sufferers report the water is “calming and soothing when put onto effected areas”. Others report “it stops the skin itching”. Benefits start to appear after 2 – 3 weeks of regular use (at least 2 – 3 times daily).

Grander Water has no artificial chemicals or scents and can be used as often as you wish. It is ideal for sensitive skins and also for babies. Tap water contains additives that can leave your skin feeling “tight and dry” after bathing. To re-hydrate your skin apply to your body with Grander water after taking a shower or bath.

Try applying to your face after cleansing, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Imagine moisturising your skin with nature’s finest moisturiser – pure healthy mountain spring water.

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