4 (Four) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Blue Water

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4 packed bottles of GRANDER® ORIGINAL "BLUE" WATER which is a pure, high quality and microbiologically perfect drinking water that has been further revitalized by Grander® Technology with the ability to change the feel and taste in any water brought into close proximity.  We invite you to try placing an UNOPENED bottle of this water next to your glass of tap water or beverage of choice and experience the difference for yourself, then let us know what you experience.

The source water for Original GRANDER BLUE WATER is taken from the Stephanie spring, which originates at a depth of 520 meters in the shafts of the Kupferplatte (Copperplate) mine in the Kitzbuehel Alps, Austria - completely protected from influences in the environment; it is unique in its quality, structure and purity.

The uniqueness of this water lies within its natural way of staying fresh for at least 4 years - without the use of additives or conventional methods of preservation.

Why adding a bottle of Blue Water is important.  

Grander Blue Water is considered one of the few waters in the world that transmits a subtle energy register to improve other liquids placed next to it, (Grander Water Revitalisation uses this same principle to revitalise water in the whole house systems). We invite you to begin your Grander Water Revitalisation journey by discovering for yourself this unusual yet exciting phenomena.  You can use freshly squeezed lemons in two glasses or two pieces of lemon and place one next to the Blue Water Bottle and keep the other at least 3 metres away. Wait 20 mins then taste (Sip) the lemon/lemon water that has been nearest the bottle first then taste the other sample.  You can also put soft fruit and even alcohol to the test also.

Grander Blue Water is great for your health or as an addition to any health programme.

What makes Grander® water unique is it's exceptionally long shelf-life and revitalizing power, even when the glass bottle is kept unrefridgerated and in direct sunlight. All this without the need for additives or any of the conventional methods used for stabilising bottled water.

The water is fully natural and maintains it's natural state.


Whilst Grander Blue Water can be drunk by the glass, it is more effective when diluted. A capful in half a pint of water first thing in the morning kick start you for the day. Drinking revitalised water starts to make the body thirsty. If you have difficulty drinking water because you are never thirsty or do not like the taste of water then Grander Blue Water can help. The recommended minimum daily intake of water is an equivalent of 2 litres a day.

Try the Lemon Test
Grander Blue Water has so much energy it can literally energise your body. One way of demonstrating this unique property is the 'lemon test'. When liquids are placed in close proximity to Blue Water their taste and feel will be changed. Squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon into two glasses or cut a lemon into four pieces. Place one glass/1 piece of cut lemon close to the bottle of Blue Water and put the other glass/piece of lemon at least 5 feet away. Wait 5 minutes, then try the 'closer' glass/lemon first then the one placed further away.

Most people notice an amazing change caused by the natural energy of Grander Blue Water. Experiment with other liquids such as black coffee, wine, olive oil or even vodka!






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Blue water improved my husbands health
02 September 2019  |  Abigail

Grander blue water - there is an energising effect to this. We drank Grander blue water exclusively for 2 weeks and my husband, who has chronic health issues, was able to walk much longer distances throughout the day. He also wears the pendant for several hours each day.We have been recommending Grander to our relatives and friends. While many of them, including us, were sceptical at first, tasting and using this water is believing.The blue bottles are reused and given with revitalised tap water to friends who want them.

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Excellent product and above and beyond service, 5*
02 May 2019  |  Suzy1278

I am a first time buyer and cannot recommend this product or the service I received highly enough. Water is the soruce of life and good quality water is a rare comditity, so thank you Grander for your first class product and service.

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