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The SANOMAG® has the effect of creating a natural, earth-like magnetic field with a diameter of up to 20 meters.  Its permanent magnets compensate for the interference caused by mobile phones, power lines, water veins or other geological zones of interference and establish the access to the original magnetic field.


Electro-smog, water veins, geological fault zones - they overlay the earth's magnetic field and impair our physical and mental harmony.

This is where the SANOMAG® comes into its own: It strengthens the natural magnetic field that surrounds us and has a balancing and strengthening effect.


Why magnetism is so important

Magnetism is one of the natural basic forces of our earth. It is omnipresent as the earth's magnetic field and acts as a protective shield that protects our planet from cosmic radiation. Without it, we would be at the mercy of the charged particles thrown into space by solar flares, and life would not be possible.

The power of natural magnetism

In the SANOMAG®, natural magnets are fixed in a magnetic inner sheath and connected directly to highly conductive steel cables. The handles are also made of iron cores and natural magnets.
The secret of its effectiveness?
The right choice of magnets, their alloy and arrangement. They are the result of countless experiments carried out by Johann Grander. Due to the permanent magnets, the SANOMAG® does not need a power connection - so there is no additional technical radiation. In addition, there is no self-charging - grounding or discharging is not necessary. A tip: The magnetic field of the SANOMAG® is strongest when you operate it continuously and with the handles closed to form a circle.


  • Can be used for the home
  • Can be used on the body
  • Portable
  • Does not require maintenance
  • No need for electricity, chemicals or recharging
  • Field of application:Everywhere that the quality of the drinking water should be approved
  • Material:

    The SANOMAG® has natural magnets placed in a magnetic inner covering and directly attached with well-conducting steel cables.

    The grips are also made of iron cores and natural magnets.

  • Guarantee / Warranty:2 years warranty on device installation done by an authorized installation company
  • Return policy:3 month return policy for a full refund of purchase price



The Sanomag is registered as a General medicine therapeutic treatment instrument with EUDAMED - European Database on Medical Devices registration number UDI-DI: 09120057681036


If you suffer from a lack of energy or concentration, sleep disturbances, stress symptoms or any kind of pain, which often occur when the energy paths in one's body are blocked, the SANOMAG® can help by bringing blocked energy back in flow again.  Numerous users confirm very good results in cases of:

  • Allergies
  • Migraines
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Back pain
  • Sports injuries (muscle or ligament pain)

Experiences in Wellness and Prevention

  • Strengthened immune system
  • Effective meditation
  • Ease in falling asleep
  • Improved sleeping quality
  • Increased amount of energy
  • Activated self-healing power

Please note: The use of the SANOMAG® does not replace medical treatment. It is always advisable to consult a doctor or seek medical advice in the event of pain or physical ailments. The SANOMAG® is intended as support for everyday life and to accompany therapies and healing processes.

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Our restless daughter now sleeps much better
07 January 2023  |  Anja

Our seven-year-old daughter could never fall asleep well, which meant massive restlessness at sleep time. Everything has changed since we purchased the SANOMAG®. She falls asleep more calmly. We have all become calmer, more relaxed and less anxious. This also had an effect on our son, who now sleeps much better also. There is harmony and a spiritual cushion drawn in around us. We are completely satisfied with the SANOMAG® and the water revitalisation we also have for our drinking water, we could not have invested our money better.

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