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Grander Revitalising Pendant Grander Revitalising Pendant
Our Price: £36.00 Inc VAT
4 (Four) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Sulphate Water 4 (Four) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Sulphate Water
List Price: £79.20 Inc VAT
Our Price: £66.00 Inc VAT
Leather Case Leather Case
Our Price: £15.00 Inc VAT
Grander WA01 pendant Grander Revitalising Pendant
Our Price: £36.00 Inc VAT
Grander WA04 pendant Grander Revitalising Pendant
Our Price: £36.00 Inc VAT
8 (Eight) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Blue Water 8 (Eight) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Blue Water
List Price: £158.40 Inc VAT
Our Price: £132.00 Inc VAT
Grander WA07 silver pendant Grander Luxury Revitalising Pendant
Our Price: £216.00 Inc VAT
Grander WA05 pendant Grander Revitalising Pendant
Our Price: £36.00 Inc VAT
4 (Four) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Blue Water 4 (Four) 1 Litre Bottles of Grander Blue Water
List Price: £79.20 Inc VAT
Our Price: £66.00 Inc VAT

Customer Reviews

Blue Water improved my husbands health

Grander blue water - there is an energising effect to this. We drank Grander blue water exclusively for 2 weeks and my husband, who has chronic health issues, was able to wlk much longer distances throughout the day. He also wears the pendant for several hours each day.

We have been recommending Grander to our relatives and friends. While many of them, including us, were sceptical at first, tasting and using this water is believing.

The blue bottles are reused and given with revitalised tap water to friend who want them.

- Abigail T, London, UK

Great Quality Water

Excellent product and service. Simple process from start to finish and great quality water - would recommend.

- Cora Smith, Wiltshire

Fantastic company on every level!

The technology that Grander uses is simply groundbreaking. I tried their bottled water, pendants, and energy boards. I tested these in all sorts of DIY ways in order to rule out placebo effect.

- EvelynEs, Edinburgh

It has done exactly what we were told it would!

We had the Revitalisation System fitted in the house (having first tried a couple of bottles) at the end of June 2019. This replaced a water softener and water filter (for drinking water). The system was fitted by a plumber who was experienced with the Grander System and that was great as he could advise where best to put the unit to maximise it's benefits. Since we have had it installed we have found all sorts of benefits and no drawbacks! We live in an area of very hard chalky water and were concerned the Grander System would not cope. It is better that a softener and the glass shower partition is easier to keep clean of calcium buildup. It is great to be able to just drink a glass of water straight form the tap rather than having to wait for a slow filter tap. The water tastes far better, no chemical aftertaste. The dog certainly prefers the Grander water and also the houseplants. The outdoor plants also seem to benefit. No more storing large blocks of salt and getting salt all over the place when putting the blocks in the softener. General household cleaning is easier using less detergent and not being left with a residue on the granite kitchen worktops, etc. We are very pleased with the Grander System and our only regret is that we did not do it sooner.

- RichHelenGreen, Hampshire

No need to worry about the toxins in the water anymore

he taste is unreal it really is like it can't be possible but it was and is and we are so happy with our Grander system. I love that even the shower and all the water in the house is now Grander, so don't need to worry about the toxins, metals, other peoples antibiotics / hormones in our water. If we ever have to move house then 110% we will be fitting a Grander system. The person I dealt with was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable right from the enquiry to installation. Very happy Customers

- Sallie H, Windsor, UK

Ordinary red wine becomes almost vintage.

Never one for half measures, if it goes in my body it goes on the Grander board or penergiser first. Interested to find that a normally reasonable glass of red wine becomes almost vintage - and no headache. I am finding more clarity in my thinking is the most noticeable thing so far. I feel less tired though with the water treatment, after a bad few days, so happy about that. The Pen also helped clear the last residue of sinus probs in my left nostril - a hangover from many years of chronic probs including 3 bouts of pneumonia a long time ago. So all in all I am delighted with the kit.

- Jacqui R, Brighton

My dog is more chilled out.

Put one on my dog and he appeared to be more chilled and relaxed. Put the energising board on my bed in a corner to then watch the dog making his way to the board and sleeping on it.

- EvelynEs, Edinburgh

Water as it was meant to be - highly recommended

I found out about Grander water from visiting a spa hotel in Austria which used it, and already knew of its benefits. Having a Grander water unit installed in my house is one of the most impactful ways I have found to support my family's health and wellbeing. If the human body is made up of about 60% water, imagine what it means for that water to be healthful and bio-available to your body. When water is restored to its natural configuration then it can do what it was meant to do and truly irrigate your body. In my opinion the health benefits of Grander water cannot be overstated. Now I have the Grander system I would choose my own tap water over mineral water any day, and have already recommended it to family and friends.

- Philippa, Oxford

Water tasted clearer, cleaner, fresher felt soft

Our very first item was a Grander energy board. We noticed that water revitalised with a glass jug on the board tasted clearer, cleaner, fresher & felt softer. There was less of a chemical taste to it & as a result, I was able to drink more water. In addition, we put revitalised water into our fish tank, which had plants in it. We noticed that our little twig of a plant (that had started withering) ended up sprouting little shoots, more leaves and our guppies had a longer lifespan. As a result we purchased other Grander products - a revitaliser unit for our home, penergizers, pendants, & bottles of Grander blue water. With the revitaliser unit installed, water that comes from our shower no longer has a chemical smell like it used to, and hair feels softer than before. The team at Grander Water UK was friendly, pleasant & helpful. They patiently assisted with our many queries & delivery arrangements too. We would definitely be purchasing more Grander products. Thank you so much.

- Mr & Mrs Low, London

Life Changer 150% The Best Thing We've ever done

APART from getting engaged this literally has to be the best thing we have ever invested in. We spent hundreds on bottled water each month and had done a huge amount of research and discovered GRANDER could be a solution. I was at first wary of the cost but once you break it down its money well spent and isn't that expensive when you can't put a price on health and with something you use daily. The minute the system was installed we had spring water coming out of our home taps.

- Sallie H, Windsor, UK

Fantastic customer service

Finally, fantastic customer service, almost instant replies within minutes, regardless of day of the week. Each answer is "hand-written", individual and specific (what I mean here is that many companies either use copy-paste policy, or use intelligent software that automatically sends replies based on some keywords; nothing like that from Grander!). Overall, fantastic company on every level!

- EvelynEs, Edinburgh

Excellent product and above and beyond service, 5 stars

I am a first time buyer and cannot recommend this product or the service I received highly enough. Water is the soruce of life and good quality water is a rare comditity, so thank you Grander for your first class product and service.

- Suzy, Mortlake, London

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